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Murder Mystery Burlesque Revue

A Terminally Tantalizing Tease

The Murder Mystery Burlesque Revue is an immersive burlesque show! You put on the detective hat while the cast of dazzling burlesque performers take off their clothes to reveal the clues to this mysterious investigation. Help us figure out who the murderess is in this improv-comedy burlesque show!

Artist Statement: 

Crocodile Lightning and MzMr co-produce this show to highlight the resiliency of transwomen of color through the glamour and humor of burlesque. Burlesque and its satirical nature shed light on the daily struggles transwomen of color encounter while celebrating our resilience and collective healing.
We cast queer and/or performers of color, of all abilities and sizes because diversity is beautiful... becasue we want to represent ALL that is possible.    

Art: Murder Mystery Burlesque Revue: Bio
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