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Videos: Selected Work

Silent Wind

This ethereal yet naughty strip tease and veil dance number is inspired by the Chinese opera that my grandmother and my seven-year-old self used to go watch at the Sunday market by our home in Thailand. This memory brings me so much heartfelt warmth and joy. Through this light and dynamic veil dancing, I invite the audience to delight in their own happiness.

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Be ferociously untamed. Be wildly accepting of your true nature. Let the feminine intuition guide you as you dive into the abyss of vulnerability to discover your inner power. In this slow burn, striptease number, the flow of the silk ribbons awakens your raw desire to be free and compassionate.

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Dragon's Breath

A dragon's breath is so hot that it will give you "Yellow Fever."  Defying the submissive stereotype of Asian women, Crocodile Lightning slashes that myth with her ribbons and reclaims her divine feminine power and her Thai-Chinese heritage in this oh-so-sensual striptease. Call the Fire Department!

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Midnight Fire

Illuminate the divine fire of compassion within you and burn away shame, self-doubt, and stigma. In this silk veil dance, striptease number, the silk unveils the divinity and courage that already are within your heart. May you be enraptured by the suppleness of the silk and its dynamic movement. Your moment is now.

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KitKat In My Purse

This act is a summary of an unapologetic celebration of all small joyful yet mundane moments in life. I would like to paint a picture that starts with an explosion of joy which later turns into euphoria and then into contentment. Enjoy the simplest yet most decadent moment in life! The costume is inspired by my Thai-Chinese heritage. I love the rich color palette of the golden embellishments that make me think of pagodas from home, Thailand.

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